this is my first English blog post, i do really want to learn about how to write in English with the correct way. if you found any mistakes in this post, please forgive me and feel free to correct me.
this is my personal blog, i write all my daily experiences or my thought here. because this is my personal blog, so almost everything that i write in this blog is about me and my life. if there are any same stories with yours then it just coincidental.
i love writing lately, i don’t know why but it feel so good when i wrote what in my mind. maybe because i just don’t have so many friend to talk with, that’s why i choose to write it down in my personal blog.
by the way, my name is almatin siswanto. i was born in sukoharjo, january 10th, 1982. sukoharjo is a district in middle java province in the indonesia country. i am a programmer, database programmer since 2000. i used visual foxpro, Microsoft sql server, Microsoft visual studio, php, Linux, java, and others. i have experience in building hospital integrated system using visual foxpro and Microsoft sql server.
you can reach me by email on almatinsiswanto[at]yahoo[dot]com or by phone on +62 8777 499 0110 or by blackberry pin : 26F0C5B2.

that was a little story about me, feel free to contact me.

thank you for visiting my personal blog.

almatin siswanto


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