Hospital Integrated System (HIS)

is a complete application to manage a hospital from the front ( register the patient ) to the back office ( accounting ). it is a must for every hospital now, because hospital must report their activity to the health department every month, and have to report their earning to the management. Without an application, or they do all the thing manually, it will take much more time to finish all the jobs, but with an application they will able to finish their job much more quickly and accurately, so they can put more concern to service the patients.
I have finish my first complete application for hospital this month, and i want to share my experiences here. I have do it for more than one year, it need that much time because of many factors, from the human resource, the hospital policy, the network, the custom request and the application itself.
technically, i use microsoft visual foxpro for my development platform, and microsoft sql server for the database server. actually, i don’t develop this application by my own, i just continue the previous development progress and customized the application to satisfy the hospital need, but next time, i will build my own based on my experience to provide more effective solution.
as a programmer, it was not easy to work with others source code, because i have to learn to understand their framework and their style of coding. but it’s my challenges, so i decided to accept this job. need some time to learn the source code but now i completely understand the code. I ever said my previous post that programming language is just tools. the most important is the design of the application, once i get understand about the design then i can modify and customized them in correct way.
basicly, hospital has complex business rules, every hospital have their own, so the application will need to be adjust to satisfy the hospital need. but if we could make a good communication with the hospital management and users, then it will help us much to finish the application quickly.
the hospital application consist of many modules, they are :
– register the patient
– outpatient care
– inpatient care
– laboratory
– radiology
– specialist clinic
– emergency unit
– Pharmacy
– Medical record
– general check up
– medical support
– billing
– accounting
– human resource
– etc

i will discuss about every modules separately in my next post, so stay tuned !


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