maybe you ever heard about the words, you’ll never know till you try? didn’t you? but this time i’ll write about you’ll never know till you ask, because we are human, and we communicate with each other using words, languages and asking is one of communication way.
ever found your mate just keep silence all day long? you’ll have no idea what she want until you ask her and she give you her answer right? that’s the important of asking i guess, because we are not psychics that could know everything unspoken.
i’m the one that believe to good communication will solve many problems, and there are no problem that can’t be solved by good communication. so, to me, talk is important to build good communication among us. By having good conversation then we’ll discover what is the main problems and how to find the way out, the win-win solution.
maybe some people think that it’s so romantic when our mate knew what we want even without asking, but i believe that it only happen in some cases, just a little cases if compared with the whole life conversation. so build a good communication with your beloved person, then you’ll be happy with them.
but yea i know that good communication is not enough, but at least it could be the good point to started right? we also need tolerance, emotion control, anger managements and others when we have discuss problems with others.
asking is proof of care, when we care to someone, we’ll ask for their condition all the time, not because we don’t trust them but because we care. we sould never be worry when we still have someone that keep asking for our condition, that’s mean we still have someone that care with us. when there is noone ask us about our condition, then we should began to worry.
there is nothing most hurt us than being ignored by the one that we love, right? at least for me it goes that way. I will more accept to be slapped or punched in my face rather than to be ignored by the one that i love the most. because after she slapped me, or punched me then she will not angry anymore, but when she ignore me, i just don’t have an idea what the hell is my faults.
i am not perfect man, just another ordinary man, so when i make mistakes please let me know so i can do better next time.
and the last for this post, i love being asked by the person that i love about my conditions, because it make me feel to be cared by her. what about you ?


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