yeah, that was i think of when someone tell me that when someone need me, they will come to me. for me it sounds like a little bit arrogant, even though the facts happen that way. the one who have a need, then they have to come to someone else. but let’s see from the other point of view. When you love someone, then you’ll come to her right? why? because you love her, even though it will make you be the one that come first.

so, there is nothing wrong with come first right? precisely i am proud to be the one that come first to the people i love. even sometimes they just ignore me, that’s okay. i don’t have to feel guilty or regret. why should we feel so shame when we have to come first? because it will make us looks weak in front of the people we love? then you should ask them, do they really love you, because when we love someone, we won’t care about that such of things.

there is a time when we should stop come, when we already came for several times and just ignored. not because we stop loving them, but because we gave them space and time for their own. everyone need that. and when you think that this is the right time to come again to them, just give yourself a try, no regret, no feel a shame.

when they still refuse or ignored you, just keep believing that you’d do the right thing.

good luck 🙂


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