one thing that might be the reason i still using facebook till this time is i always wait for someone to write a notes on her facebook, but since i found my own passion on writing on this blog, i stop doing that. i decide to remove her from my friends list so i can’t see her notes anymore.
now, i have found my own passion of writing but still honestly i miss her notes so much. but it’s okay, i am sure that she just fine and still wrote her notes maybe.
when i read her notes, i feel that she told me a story about the note, i feel just seems she talk to me trough her notes even though the notes has nothing to do with me, but when i read it, i feel i could hear her voice. that’s why i always missing her notes all the time.
she just my very special person in my life, she teach me many things, many lesson of life, she support me with her own ways. and of course she is good writer. i miss the time when she write so many words in her email, we discuss about anything. and maybe the point is i miss her.

so, this is my personal notes.


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