i am just an ordinary person, doing mistakes, doing something stupid sometimes, falling in love, hating, and get jealous sometimes. and that’s me. just an ordinary person. but if you do know me well then maybe you’ll found that i am special, not because i have so many things to gave but i love you with the beautiful ways.
it’s not about who you are, but who i am when i’m with you. i feel so complete when i’am with you, i feel so happy when see your smile, i feel so comfort just by listen to your voices. so, is there anything else i need when i already feel complete when i’m with you? but please realize that i’m just not perfect, and will never be.
we met so fast, we get so close so fast, we falling in love so fast, then what’s wrong with that? if we just have the same feeling then why we have to deny it? enjoy every moments with you. the laugh, the cries, the tears, the passion, the feel of missing you so much, the jealous, everything. we enjoy it much because we do that with our heart, and yup, it was the best moments that i ever had. thank you.

can’t wait to see you again, someday 🙂