soulmate consist of two word, the soul and mate. soul means it’s not about physic anymore but it’s all about the soul, the feeling, the heart. and mate means we only have one each other.
God create us in couples, doesn’t it means that we only have one couple? or maybe we could have more than one couple? i don’t exactly know about it. all i know that our heart just belong to someone as soulmate even though we have so many people that we love, but we only need one of them as soulmate.
the soulmate can be found when our soul, our feel and our heart say that he/she is the one. we can trade the feeling or manipulate the feel that we have. it just flow naturally when we found the one. When we have soulmate, we’ll feel that our live has complete. we just feel enough in every condition, we need anyone else more to stay in our heart as soulmate.
your soulmate will accept you whoever you are, without any terms. and you just have to do the same. that simple.

and don’t you remember the time when you feel that i’m yours?


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