life has so many things to remember, our childhood, our teen, our first love, our first kiss, our first broken heart, our first true love and so on. but it also has so many things we want to forget if only we could do that, it sometimes bring so much pain when we remember to our bad times, but we could learn from it, learn how to survive, learn how to make our future better and better.

so do i, i have so many good times and bad times in my life, every time i remember to my good times, it always draw the smile in my face even without i realize. when i remember to my bed times in my life, it brought the old pain, and i don’t like it at all, and if only i have a chance to go back to the past, i will do it and prevent myself if doing the mistakes in my past. but life doesn’t go that way right?

i just can’t change the past, nobody can but i can learn something from my past and my mistakes. i learn how to grow up and survive. i learn how to let go, i learn how to love the one that love me back.

the times i have spent with you, it was amazing times that i never imagine i could have in my life, so much love, so much passion, so honest feeling, the touch, everything.
thank you for being the sweet part of my life and gave me the sweet moments to remember.

it just too much, too deep and too beautiful to forget

thank you ^_^


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