it’s true, life is so beautiful, life is too short so spend with the wrong choice, and life is to priceless to spend with sorrow. keep your head high and smile. you have very beautiful future, beautiful love and great family. (someday)

many people complain about their life, many people saw that others life are more lucky or just more beautiful than theirs, even though actually they only see the cover only, but inside their true life, only GOD and them self that knew the truth.

just try to see to what you have now and imagine if you don’t have them at all, surely you will feel more sad now, right? be greatful to GOD and always give your best effort for your life everyday.

Someday, somehow GOD will show you the way and the prize … the best prize for you and your life, just be patience and positive thinking.

there will be a very beautiful sunshine after the hardest rain ^_^


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