You are so beautiful …

Do you remember when the first time we met? feel so nervous? but we just get to feel comfort each other so fast? that was one of best moments that we ever had ha? yup, i just still remember your face that time, your expression, your cold hand. no matter what happen, i won’t never regret for that.

Shortly after that meeting, we just get closer and closer day by day, even seems there was no distance between us at all. Your patience, your care, your honest heart just amaze me and make me feel alive (again). Everything that ever happen between us, it was honest from our heart, i enjoy it much and still it was the best that i ever had.
Maybe it was just a short time for us to get together but every second are precious.

The laugh, cries, fights, argues, hugs, kisses and so on made everything complete, maybe i was wrong but yeah, i follow my heart says when i’m with you.
Now we just not together again and maybe i am stranger now for you, but just want you to know that you will always close to me, just as close as my heart beat.

keep shining my sunshine … ^_^


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