it might be the end of something, but it also the beginning of something for sure. in our life, people come and go, some just gone without memories but some gone but the memories still remain in our heart. it is our choices to decide who will always stay in our heart and who was not worth enough to stay in our heart.

but you, you never left this heart and mind no matter what happen. trying to forget you is useless, because i don’t even succeed, not even once. so i choose not to forget you, just keep you in my heart and mind, so whenever i need you, i can found you there.

our relationship are ends, but it doesn’t mean that we had to hate each other right? it will wasting our energy. we could stay close as friend, or whatever it is. we could keep support each other. because the things that ever happen between us just too good to be forgotten.

now, let’s start something new. let’s chase our happiness through our own ways but stay close each other. shall we?

keep shining and keep smiling my sunshine ^_^



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