live without love, you’d rather to be dead, love without live, you already dead for sure.

the 2012 year will be end sorthly, and the 2013 will be come. maybe we celebrate the new year eve every year, with full of joy, with beloved family, fireworks, romantic dinner, best night for couple, and so on. that was great for sure, a lot of fun, not about just the party, but also the love that we share to our beloved people.

maybe we should to write down our own resolution for this year and our goals for the next year. be thankful for everything that we got this year, be sincerely to let everything that we’ve lost this year, believe that everything happen for a reason, GOD plans the best for us, set the new spirit, set the new hope.

it could be the end of something but it will be the begining of other thing as well, we might lost the person that we love this year but may be we’ll meet another person that will love us. who knows? we just have to keep the love in our heart, prepare for someone to take it and give theirs to us.

i don’t have so many goals for next year, i just have few. i just want to get concern to my kids, my parent, brothers and sisters. if only GOD give me the chance to me to feel falling in love again, that would be nice but that wasn’t my first priority. yup, seems so simple but i feel so sure that i will found my happiness and my love that way.

wish me luck ha?


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