people have their own way to think about things, they also have their own way to express their thoughts. and me, i choose to write them down to this blog. when i have something in my mind and don’t have anyone to talk and share with, i wrote them here.
somehow, write them down here make me feel better, it doesn’t matter that you agree with my post or not, this is my blog, my thought. just take whatever you think it was useful, and leave the rest.
i love to write about anything, about my life, my day, my work, my love, anything. and when i came back and read them all over again, it makes me smile and happy, remind me to the people i love, remind me to my past memories, etc.
i’m a programmer, computer programmer for exactly. most of my work done by logic, and more or less it changes my way of thinking. i always try to simplify anything, find the simplest way to get the problem solved well. and sometimes it makes me look like to careless to anything.
but i always try to learn when i have to use my logic, and when i have to use my heart, if i still have it … lol.


so, once again this is my blog, my thought. if you like it, it always be a honor for me. but, if you don’t like it, just keep your f*ck*n ass away from here or just shut the f*ck off.
( ups, sorry for my bad language … my bad )