#nop #justNop
Ga yakin juga apa emang itu second chance, third chance or so on. Yang jelas, it would be great if only i have another chance, maybe last chance.
Kenapa? Ga tau. Yang jelas aku cuma berharap bisa dapet kesempatan untuk membuktikan, bahwa i deserve to get that chance. Dengan segala kesalahan dan nista masa laluku. I know it nearly impossible to get one. But at least i’ve tried. Entah untuk yang ke berapa kalinya. This time, the last time.
As a programmer, it just like 0 and 1. The binary. When i cant be with you, then i cant be around you. Because it 0.5. So, I have to take 0. The 0 is i leave you.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s about me, nothing to do with you. Your answer. I appreciate it. Much. That’s why i take 0. Disengaja atau tidak, akan ada satu atau dua hal yg akan tetap menorehkan kenangan saat aku berada di sekitarmu. Entah itu dari kamu, atau dari aku. I know you already well trained  to manage those kind of things, but i’m not. Yet.
It’s okay, you know that I love you. I need you. And i told you that so many times ha?

Now, i take my words. Someday, somehow, somewhere … if there will be someone.